As a freelancer, I literally have no choice but to work on a computer… this of course leads to ultimate frustration because that seems to be what computers are best at dishing out.

This is the next in the “My Friend the…” series (the first “friend” was the toilet, of course! Check out them out HERE if you haven’t yet!).

For this microshort, I did the background animation in Sketchbook Pro and the guy in Flash.

Also for those that are interested, this actually is based on something that happened to me (if a bit… exaggerated haha).

Enjoy… and leave your own computer horror stories below, I might just animated them!

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  1. Stephen M. Levinson says:

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  2. Irving says:

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    Short and sweet like it has to be!

  3. cyp says:

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    You should animate a person purchasing a broken computer from a store let’s say WorstBuy (*cough cough*) and trying to get help from the GreekSquad…

    THIS is my computer horror story… sometimes i wake up at night after such a nightmare…

  4. Squibble says:

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    love the painterly look!

  5. booda baby says:

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    Wonderful! Was your guy fbf? So nice and floppy!

  6. CoadyTNP says:

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    LOL! Great work.

  7. Alex says:

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    So funny when you see this, but not funny when it really happens to you.
    I like the loose art style in this short, and of course the animation is spot on. Very cool Rubber onion dude!

  8. Kristen says:

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    as always, EXCELLENT timing! I’m calling you in the next time I have a big project to work on, just to make sure our timing is correct. Artwork is good – I like the integration of the Sketchbook drawings. You have a real visually tactile traditional animation feel to this piece, even though it was created with the ‘latest and greatest’ digital tools. How long did it take to create this piece, from the start of the story boards to the twitter update?

  9. Jeff Cook says:

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    Great Stephen,
    The effects animation looks great and has a very water coloured look.
    Your sound effects are also excellently designed and used.

  10. Anonymous says:

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    Good job! Can’t wait to see more

  11. RubberOnion says:

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    Thanks for the comments everyone!

    @boodababy – everything was fbf

    @kristen – it took me around 50 hours total: 30 hours of work spread out over the last few weeks which was up to what i like to call the ‘tipping point’… meaning i can finish it in a couple solid days from that point. it’s just waiting on inspiration and some general release timing. then i spend around 20 hours just before i uploaded it

  12. Blob says:

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    Bahahahaha xD Awesome animation and yes, Computers are our friends but our foes as well.

  13. Fizzylicious says:

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    Hi Steven,

    Great animation as always.. I like your new style, feels natural.
    The subject is very recognizable.. though reality is probably worse 😉

    Keep up the good work!


    P.S. What happened to the Easter bunny short you were working on? I don’t see it on your site anymore (really enjoyed your progress movies, they were very insightful).

  14. RubberOnion says:

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    Thanks Fiz! Oh and my name is “Stephen” (=

    The Easter Bunny short is still going forward… the next VLOG will be on character design and I expect to be able to upload it in a few weeks. 2011 has been a big year and part of it is redesigning the website which is in the middle of design right now and should be done soon.

    As soon as the website is done, the new blog will go with it’s design as well and THAT’s when you’ll see the new process VLOG on the Easter Bunny short (=

    I’m looking to release the short itself for Easter this year!

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